nedelja, 21. september 2014

Nude dress spot light

Foto MK

Hy dolls I got all glammed up with
this nude Ax Paris dress. It feels so comfy
and cute at the same time. This dress can be worn
with heels or some stylish sneakers.



sreda, 03. september 2014

GIVEAWAY Winner is....

Hello dolls! I am having a giveaway and you
can win this pair of harem Ax Paris pants and this
amazing white croped tee. All you have to do is to click 
on this link HERE and write a comment below this post. 
The winner will be announced on Monday!
I am GLAD to ANNOUNCE that the WINNER is user
Jen Morgan!

Good luck!


Trick or treat

Halloween will be here sooner than you think dolls.
Just love these Halloween inspired Choies clothes! What would you pick?
Find the items here.

Trick or threat!

sobota, 30. avgust 2014

Au revoir summer!

Foto MK

Good bye summer I will miss you
and with this Ax Paris styling I say goodbye
to the warm days. Click here to see Ax Paris pants


sobota, 23. avgust 2014

Glitter and S*IT

Foto MK

Hy dolls finally my new blog post! I've missed 
posting on my post ;). I am wearing Choies sequin shorts,
Choies knit tee and awesome Gigi New York bag with my personalized 
initials "SG"Check them out!


sreda, 30. julij 2014

Natural minerals

Hy babes I used ED Natural Mineral make-up
to show you my everyday make up routine. It is
easy , quick and the make up is pure minerals so it
is healthy as well! You have to try it 
Also check out their FB page :)

1.I apply their mineral powder
2.Blusher for my cheeks
3.White eyeshodow just underneath my eyebrows
4.Pinky light eyeshadow on my lids
5.Brown natural eyeshadow on my lids to make my look a bit deeper
6.Eyeliner..somedays I use it, somedays not..but it makes your eyes look like a kitten meow :)
7.One of the most important things are the eyebrows,be sure you make them look natural
8. Lips- The best lip butter I have ever tried !


četrtek, 24. julij 2014

Call me LOLA

Foto BFM Photography

Hy dolls I am happy to say
that I am the first and new face of LOLA.
Check our the amazing dresses for amazing prices!
Love it!
Also on FB LOLA